New bin request - Residential or Commercial

You should only use this form for newly-built homes or commercial buildings or if your property has never received bins before.

If your bin has gone missing and you have failed to locate it in your street please order your replacement bin online.

If your bin is damaged, call Visy on 1300 652 391.

Once you complete this form, it will take up to 5 working days for your bins to be delivered.

Please ensure you display your property number (not the lot number) clearly on the letterbox or the front of your building, or the bins cannot be delivered.

We require a copy of your property's certificate of occupancy permit before we can deliver your bins (your builder will have this certificate once the building is complete and usually forwards this to us).  Occupancy permits can be emailed to

Multi-unit developments

If you are moving into a multi-unit development, please contact your body corporate before completing this form as they may be required to provide you with bins instead of Council.

Garden waste bins

You can order a garden waste bin online or call us on 9217 2170. Note: these optional bins require an annual fee and approval from property owner.

New bin (for new properties only)

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